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“For Years To Come, Igbos Will Pay For Their Wickedness And Idiocy, Just Mark My Word” – Joe Igbokwe Lament (Details below)



Acouple of hours ago, Joe Igbokwe, a popular Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress, APC, and staunch supporter of the Asiwaju Bola Tinubu campaign, responded to a certain report that his cars had been set on fire in Lagos State by Yoruba youths, who demanded that he move back to Igbo Land.

In a post on his Facebook page, Joe Igbokwe described the carriers of the news as the authors and originators of “Fake News”. He went further, to explain why Igbos will not progress with the kind of mindset they possess. According to him Igbos no longer have friends both in Nigeria and outside of it, because of the wickedness and inanities they celebrate.

Speaking further, the popular author added that the IPOB propaganda has succeeded in evacuating the faculties of igbo people. He identified that “hate, bigotry, lack of emotional intelligence, lack of cultural competence, selfish sense of superiority, paranoid grandiosity and banditry, have destroyed Igboland”.

Concluding, Joe Igbokwe noted that the wickedness, murder, arson, etc. committed in Igbo land by its own people will take years to cleanse. He reacted thus:

“Why Yoruba youths? Why not Igbo youths. Yoruba youths are not Igbo youths. South-West is not South East. How can Igbo progress with this kind of mindset? Who are the friends of Igbo in Nigeria today? The world has left us behind big time. The atrocities, despicable murder, arson, beheading and deliberate wickedness we inflicted in Igboland will take years to heal. It is an abomination that will take years to cleanse.For years to come we will pay for this wickedness and idiocy. Mark my words!!!”.

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Read his detailed post in the scroll shot below:

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