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“Every Nigerian Alive Deserves A Certificate Of Survival Under This Administration” – Rudeboy



Nigerian singer, Paul Okoye, known as Rudeboy has stated that every Nigerian alive under this current administration deserves to be given a certificate of survival as things are getting ugly in the country..

The current administration in Nigeria led by Buhari seems not to be doing anything about the security system in the country and people are just dying because of their negligence, Rudeboy thinks those alive today need to be awarded.

After 8yrs of this administration, Rudeboy believes every Nigerian alive today deserves a certificate of survival because they have been able to survive through the hardship and insecurity among other things in the country.

Under the Buhari-led administration, a lot of things are going south in Nigeria but it appears they’re doing nothing to assure the citizens of a better Nigeria and security but rather only condemn when the worst happens and blood is shed.

Nigeria is bleeding and most people including Rudeboy are heartbroken and that is why he thinks every Nigerian alive today is a survivor who deserves a certificate of survival.

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