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David Hundeyin lambasts Segalink, reveals his line of business



This is a response by David Hundeyin to a Twitter user who was dragging Segalink on Twitter.

@okuko_chenku You see your life @segalink I don’t know if your truly a lawyer I swear cause this makes you look too naked. This is what you should be fighting for but no you come here on twitter and speak English. Even if it’s atiku or BAT why can’t you protect the judiciary

@okuko_chenku you so called uphold? Here you have a journalist speaking up on what is to be done as it’s done in other climes of the world.

@davidhundeyinSegalink is not a lawyer. He’s a real estate agent who pretended to be a lawyer on social media until he was outed. He’s a grifter.

I just checked the meaning of grifter on Google and it means small scale swindler not even large scale

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