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“Bola Tinubu Thinks He Is Son Of God And We Asked God To Bring Him Down To Save Us” – Aregbesola Reveals (Details below)



Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola the current Minister of the Federal Ministry of Interior of Nigeria and a former governor of Osun State says Bola Tinubu has assumed the god complex and abused his leadership.

“We followed and served this leader with all our might. In fact, our loyalty to him had caused some people to start wondering if we were no longer Muslims,” he said.

“But we were with him and served him according to the admonition of our forefathers, who said when serving anyone, we should do so with sincerity and loyalty; that if you regard anyone as your principal, you must serve him wholeheartedly.

“Sadly, we didn’t know that while we wished him well, he didn’t think good of us.

“However, because we placed him higher than where he ordinarily should be, he started to think he is our god.

“Unfortunately, for him, we had sworn to God that whoever compares himself to him, we’d beg Him to bring down such a fellow.”

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