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BLASPHEMY: No Religion Can Eliminate The Other, It Can Never Happen Under My Government — Tinubu (Details below)



“They are setting us against each other. When you were born, you didn’t hear from the womb whether you will be a male or a female, whether you will be a Christian or Muslim.

“You were born into your parents and adopted their religion and you continued. Yes, the faith is in the mind, the Bible taught us to be together, to love your neighbor, it didn’t say kill your neighbor, love your neighbor as you love yourself. It’s in the two holy books, goodness for goodness.

“Learn to accept mistakes , not from the gunshots, not from cutlass, not from destruction of properties and lives, the life you take , you cannot bring back. The hate you spew cannot cure your hunger, we just need to love one another, build a new society, learn to teach a new way of life.

“No one religion can eliminate the other, we have give to tolerance, perseverance.”

“The blood that you cannot replenish, the life that you cannot bring back, if you don’t even feel guilty, the hurt of the murdered will definitely hunt you and you will not live in peace. You create agony, you get agony,” he added.

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