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Benin Market In Chaos, Moment After Aboki Man Stabbed An Igbo Man To Death (Video below)



According to the information received by Mp3shot it stated that Benin Market In Chaos, moment after aboki man stabbed an Igbo man to death in Edo State.

According to the information, The incident became very chaotic after the Igbo man was confirmed dead from the stabbing. Onlookers spoke to media telling them that the Igbo man had earlier instructed the Fulani man to leave his market place but he refused and angrily brought out his dagger to stab the Igbo man.

Some stated that the deceased was stabbed multiple time, Few said he was stabbed once. The police are currently in the area trying to surpress the chaos.

Information revealed that the aboki man has been arrested but the Edo city youths are not satisfied with the option as they await judgement for the perpetrator.

Watch Video Below:

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