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After Taking Care Of My wife And Stepchildren For 25yrs But Was Abandoned By Them To Re-Unite With Their Father After Becoming Successful In Life (Details below)



A pensioner has shared his ordeal of wasting away his life on his wife’s children with no reward.

A man has shared his ordeal of wasting away his life to take care of the stepchildren his wife brought to with no reward.

In a viral story on the internet, the man talked about how he met his wife 25 years ago.

The wife came to the marriage with 2 boys from her previous marriage but he gladly accepted them as his own.

He loved the boys as his own, cared for them and made them his own children because medically he wasn’t fit to give birth.

According to the man he built a strong family with the wife and kids in a rented house.

As a salaried worker with no huge fortunes he used his salary to get the boys good education and because they were bright they made use of the education.

One got a scholarship to study in the United States of America as a Doctor and he is back in the country as a medical doctor.

With the other boy, the man says he used his life savings to pay for him to study in South Africa to realize his dream of becoming a Pilot.

The two boys are now successful and have bought big houses, something which makes the mad a proud daddy but they have abandoned him.

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In the man’s story, the wife and the children have reunited with their biological father living happily as family.

The man says the boys do not even answer his phone calls no more and this really causes him pain aside the fact that his pension pay isn’t enough to rent him a decent home to live a decent life.

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