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After Seeing Late Osinachi House, Prophet Says First People You Will See In Hell Are Men And Women Of God (Details below)



As written by the prophet;

This is because of greediness. Don’t be shocked when you see any of them there.

I was shocked today to see that this popular, anointed and mightily used Sis. Osinachi Nwachukwu does not have a proper home at her home town.

Her name is all over the world, her Pastor is one of the richest preacher in the world.

He has the largest and biggest church building in Abuja and swim in billions of Naira but this woman who’s ministrations attracted thousands from all over the world to his church died a poor suffering woman.

I know that many people are afraid to talk about this in Nigeria but I will talk about it.

Men and women of God, workers in the church are our co-workers, they are supposed to eat while we are eating.

I know many junior pastors that are extremely poor to an extent of borrowing to eat but are under some super rich men and women of God.

God will punish you all, starting appreciating your spiritual sons and daughters.

Stop telling them that their rewards are in heaven while you are busy enjoying your own rewards here on earth.

The tithe is for the Levis and the Levis are those working under you in the ministry, let them eat a bit from the tithe so that they can have strength to shout Amen when you shout Hallelujah.

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