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ADC Will Report Moghalu To EFCC For Trying To Buy Votes – Presidential Candidate, Kachikwu Reveals (Details below)



Dumebi Kachikwu, the presidential candidate of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), has accused Kingsley Moghalu, former deputy governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), of “financial inducement” during the party’s presidential primary.

Kachikwu spoke on Tuesday during an interview with Channels Television.

Last Tuesday, he floored Moghalu and Chukwuka Monye to win the ADC presidential ticket.

Kachikwu polled 977 votes, while Moghalu, his closest challenger, got 589 votes, and Monye came third with 339 votes.

On Monday, Moghalu resigned his membership of the ADC, saying his decision was as a result of the poor conduct of the presidential primary.

“As you are well aware, I have consistently resisted pressures to join the APC or the PDP precisely to avoid “cash-and-carry” politics. For me to remain a member of the ADC therefore, after what thousands of party members participated in at Abeokuta, would be to endorse political corruption of a most obscene order,” Moghalu had said.

Reacting to the claim of financial inducement made by Moghalu, the presidential candidate denied paying delegates and alleged that it was the former CBN deputy governor who induced some party chairmen.

The presidential candidate also said the party will forward a petition to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on the alleged financial inducement.

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“I’m extremely dismayed that Kingsley, someone who I believe is honourable, will defame not only myself but by inference, he defamed my party,” he said.

“He defamed the delegates and desecrated the process that brought me as a candidate. We worked very hard. As a politician, I understood that this was a delegate election.

“In a delegate election, you bring yourself before the delegates. I was meeting the delegates on a zonal basis. Kingsley was not meeting the delegates. Kingsley was having meetings with three people per state. I was meeting an average of 30 to 40 people per state. The delegates knew me, so they came there knowing who I was.

“He did not know these people, then he inferred that I paid the delegates. As a party leader, I have to defend my party.

“I have asked the party to forward a petition to the EFCC immediately because the state chairmen who he actually paid for their votes are now forwarding details of that payment to the party to say how Kingsley paid them N1 million through an Eco Challenge account.

“They are all forwarding the details because we want to take it up. We don’t want a situation where someone loses an election and then the person will defame. We have asked the legal adviser of our party to forward the petition to the EFCC because the state chairmen are accusing him of actually trying to buy their votes.

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“He sent N1 million each to some state chairmen and some people he gave cash on the morning of the primary. For someone who did that and defamed my party and me, it’s absolutely wrong. I did not pay a dime. I worked very hard. I went into the primary that very day believing I was going to lose.”

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