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A Man Can Dump You For Just Loving Him Too Much, Protect Your Hearts – Lady Advises Her Fellow Women



A Nigerian lady has thrown a word of caution to her fellow ladies on how they handle their relationship with the opposite gender.
According to the lady identified as @Ugochifine, a man can end his relationship with a lady just because the lady loves him too much..

She expressed her viewpoint while describing how her ex-boyfriend dumped her because she was “doing too much” in their relationship.

She continued by advising women not to go above and beyond for their boyfriends or pretend to be a wife rather than the girlfriends they are.

However, she didn’t reveal the things she did for her ex-boyfriend that she describes as “doing too much”.

“After my ex boyfriend served me breakfast, I was surprised because I thought I was doing all the things I was supposed to be doing as a great girlfriend but after sometime, I started seeing all the things I was doing wrong when I was with him.

“Ladies, sometimes, men dump you not because you are not loving him enough but because you are loving him too much! I realized I was playing the role of a wife instead of a girlfriend and that’s what got me dumped! If you are a girlfriend, you have no business playing the role of a wife. I was doing too much ”

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