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“Why Ruin The Boy’s Life?” – Greenwood’s Ex-girlfriend Receives Abusive Messages After Making New Post On Instagram (Details below)



Mason Greenwood’s ex-girlfriend Harriet Robson has received shocking abuse from some Man United fans in one of her posts on Instagram.

This comes as the rape and domestic violence investigation involving Mason continues after being accused by Robson in January.

Greenwood is only out on bail and is set for a court hearing on his case in June.

One of Robson’s pictures on Instagram has been bombarded with some vile abuse from fans.

Here are examples of some.

_Mozey_5: “Why ruin the boy’s life?”

Nathan.Thompson_luhg:“True yanited fans will support Mason we know those videos were faked. You will pay for everything you did to our club”

Pooshad19:“You ***** I know for a fact it wasn’t Greenwood’s fault.”

Wy_hytay: “How much do you expect from him?”

_Eminent_lyon: “Are you happy now?”

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