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‘Why I Said President Buhari Should Pay Me For Keeping Jobless Youths Busy’ – BBNaija’s Boma Speaks



Boma Akpore, a housemate on Big Brother Naija Reality Show 2021, sparked outrage on social media a few weeks after the show finished for flirting with a married woman, Tega..

Boma faced a lot of criticism and was called a lot of names, but he was tough.

The former footballer claimed that President Buhari should compensate him for keeping unemployed youths occupied.

In a recent interview with Punch monitored by , Boma Akpofure insisted that the comment was never meant to chase clout.

He said,

“There was no offense or disrespect intended. I was referring to the teeming number of trolls (cyber bullying) that we (Big Brother Naija housemates) get online. A large number of people stay on social media to simply pull people down and most times, they don’t even have the full context of the situation before sharing their negativity.

Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. It is bad enough when one has to deal with the mistakes they made. It is worse adding the backlash, negative commentary and cancel culture coming from every single angle. It really gets so overwhelming and sometimes, one really have to ask if the people putting up all the negative comments do not have other positive and meaningful things to do.

I feel like I became a magnet for negativity after the show and it was unending, so I lashed out. After all, I am only human. Again, I meant no disrespect to anyone.’

Asked if he thinks it was an insult to his fans, the Hollywood actor said, “The comments were clearly addressed to the trolls and all those who keep bombarding me with toxic and negative comments. It was definitely not to my fans who I love, respect and appreciate for being extremely supportive, generous, considerate, cooperative and understanding. I am thankful for the love my fans continue to show me. That is what keeps me going.”

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