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“They Cut My Legs Thinking I Have Money” – Mother Of 8 Narrate Her Sad Story After Attacked By Gang And Abandoned (Details below)



Marie Louisie, is a mother of 8 children who has no legs. Was she born disabled ? Mary was born a normal child just like any other child without any form of physical disability. But how did she end up without both her legs?

One evening before she had children, Mary was heading home and passed by a forest near their village when a gang attacked her thinking she had money. The gang which was armed with machetes attacked her leaving her with several injuries taking everything she had. Mary was then rescued by a good Samaritan who took her to the hospital.

After being examined, the doctors found that her legs were so damaged that they had to be removed.

Her life story turned from bad to worse when she moved in to live with her aunt. While at her, aunt’s place, she met a number of men who forced her to sleep with them and made her pregnant.After getting pregnant she moved back to live with her family who started mistreating her. When she gave birth, her family totally abandoned her and men who made her pregnant never helped her. She lived in the village struggling and the people who saw her advised her to move to the city and even paid her first rent. By the time she moved to the city she only had two children.

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While in the city she met a man who promised to take good care of her and her children. The man seemed serious and was never bothered with the fact that she had two children neither her condition. After a few years, the man left her with a total of 8 children and moved to a neighboring country.

Contacting the man bore no fruits as the man turned off the phone.Rumors had it that she was left because she had no legs but this made no sense since they met her when she had no legs. While talking to Afrimax, she says that she is praying for blessings for the men who left her adding that judging is only left for God and request them to help her raise the children since she only depends on begging on the streets.

Mary who now lives in a house given to her by the government, requests that good Samaritans help her acquire a wheelchair since moving around has proven difficult. What’s your thoughts share with us and you can watch the full interview on YouTube using the link below.

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