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Simi Talks About Motherhood, Dealing With Rumours And Why She Quit Nollywood In New Interview



Simi recently had an exclusive chat on Cool FM where she talked about a wide array of issues which include her music, Nigerian Idol, motherhood, and why she has appeared in only one movie.

See excerpt below;

On being a judge on Nigerian Idol, Simi said:

It was very exciting because I’ve never done anything like that before so to just be in that position and help other people in their journeys is just exciting for me.

On transitioning from being a baby girl herself to now having her own child and dealing with the responsibilities of motherhood, Simi said:

It is not easy. But I think it’s just prioritizing and then committing to your priorities because the more important things you have in your life, the less time you have to dedicate to all those things. What’s important again is understanding that this is hard before you even go into it so it doesn’t overwhelm you too much. I love my family. I love my daughter, I love my husband, and I love music so much so it’s just finding that balance and committing to it.

On if she’s now back to living in Nigeria (she splits her time between living in Nigeria and living abroad), Simi said:

I didn’t move away. It’s back and forth. I’m here for work, I’m there for work. I’m here for vibes, I’m there for vibes. So just tell me where it’s at and I’ll be there.

On dealing with rumors and correcting false statements about herself, Simi said:

If it’s about correcting things I just feel like the public believes whatever makes them happiest. So regardless of what you say – for example if someone said “Simi is a boy” and I go “No I’m a girl”, they’ll be like “what would you say before?” – so they’re just going to always respond. At the end of the day, they just want to be right. They don’t care that you’re right or that you know better so I really do not care about correcting any notions.

Most of the times, the things I’m most vocal about don’t have to do with me. It’s not like I’m experiencing some kind of personal abuse or whatever. It’s just if I see people around me, people who don’t have the same platform and I feel like it’s important to speak up.

People are gonna talk anyway and I don’t ever wanna be seen as someone that just went with the flow of the river or with what everyone else is doing. I’m not a pretentious person and I don’t know how to be.

On why she acted only one movie Mokalik and then left Nollywood, Simi said:

I’m not as crazy about acting as I am about music to be honest, but it’s something that it’s exciting to do once in a while. People have mentioned it to me so maybe when I’m not (busy). I’ll try (to do more)

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