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Shocking Video As Shameless Pastor Beating Church Members for Refusing to Pay Their Tithe (Details below)



Some pastors and prophets, especially the self-styled ones, keep taking ‘things’ too far; pushing the limits, they keep being creative for the bad reasons and are almost turning churches and religion into a laughing stock.

While most of you have always known that most of what we do in church, including offering to God, should be voluntary, this ‘man of God’ will not hear that teaching. He wants people to offer — no, pay — tithes by fire, by force.

This self-styled pastor does things in a different way. Only identified as David, the pastor and/or prophet requires all church members to bring their tithes (a tenth of their earnings).

Those who fail to pay their tithes are then called in front of the congregation and caned — yeah, whipped, the way your Maths teacher used to in those days when corporal punishment was the norm (has it ever stopped?)

The pastor is heard telling those he is beating that the spirit of disobedience will not be allowed in his church.

Apparently, those who refuse to pay tithe to the pastor are not only disobedient but are also thieves, stealing from God.

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