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See The Ashawo Dress A Lady Wore To Church That Got People Talking (Photos below)



Dressing decently for occasions should be one of the priorities of all ladies. However, some ladies seem to dress anyhow for occasions these days. The woman in your picture has been captured on camera wearing a seductive dress to church. One cannot tell whether she is a singer at the church or she was invited to sing at the church.

However, most social media users after coming across her picture said that her dress doesn’t suit the occasion. Taking a careful look at her dress, you can see that the attire has exposed her breast to the camera. This is a woman who is heavily endowed with huge breasts.

She was not even wearing a brassiere to hold her goodies. She seems to be singing with passion but some people think that her breasts will cause a lot of problems for men in the church. This is because men are extremely sensitive to what they see.

If you look at the fingers of the woman, you can see that she is wearing a wedding ring. Meaning this lady is married but her dress doesn’t look like someone who is married. Some social media users said that this is what the Holy Scriptures speak against but some ladies think that modern fashion is superior to the word of God.

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