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See Proof That People In Relationships Has Show That Love Is Really Blind (Details below)



You know what they say about love being blind, we have the photographs to prove it. When you see these couples together, you wonder how they can be in love.

These are the most eccentric couples demonstrating that love is be blind.

Amalie Jennings

Amalie Jennings, who is originally from Denmark, had a difficult childhood since she was tormented because of her stature. Her Low self-esteem was caused by society and remarks.

All of that changed when she met Shawn through a PlayStation game. Shawn didn’t mind her size, and they quickly began speaking. Before long, they began a long-distance romance before meeting up a year later.

They ultimately married after nine years of courting.

Kyle Jones and Marjorie McCool

Kyle has a fascination for older women, describing himself as “wired that way.” He’s dated women in their 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s.

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Marjorie an old lady stated that she was charmed when he first began flirting with her.

She also stated that “sometimes I feel like he’s another son until we go into bed, and then I feel different.”

Evem Medeiros and Joelison Fernandes da Silva

Joelson Fernandez da Silva, a Brazilian from Paraiba in northern Brazil, met the charming Even Medeiros on Facebook.

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After being diagnosed with gigantism as a toddler, the gentle giant continued to grow and rapidly surpassed his father’s height.

You could assume that the benefits of being so tall outweigh the disadvantages of bullying, lack of self-confidence, and living as a loner.

However, his brief celebrity led to him meeting his future wife.

The 9 years old kid, and his 61-year-old wife

Nine years old Sanele Masilela, and Helen Shabangu, who is 62 years old, reaffirmed their vows in South Africa in 2013, after getting married the year before.

Yes, you read that accurately. That youngster is nine, and there is a 53-year age difference between them. Many locals were as uneasy as you could imagine, calling it nauseating, yet this was tradition.

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