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Sad News As Daylight Robbery Leaves Security Personal Dead At Asaman Tamfoe (Video below)



A sad incident occurred at Asaman Tamfoe in the Eastern Region of Ghana and due to the incident, a man who is known to be security personnel was killed by the robbers.

The identity of the robbers was unknown but according to sources, they attacked the Atiwa East District this afternoon by storming a town called Asaman Tamfoe.

The robbers attacked the Asaman Tamfoe with weapons and during their operation, they killed the security personnel.

The security personnel was confirmed dead and the deceased will be deposited in the morgue.

The daylight robbery has alarmed the residents and they have gathered at the scene wondering about the cause of the act.

This incident occurred on Friday, May 27, 2022, at Asaman Tamfoe in the Eastern Region.

Watch Video Below:

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