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Prioritize Charity Over Giving To The Church – Rev. Father Oluoma Advises



Catholic priest Rev. Father Oluoma has advised Christians t prioritize giving to the poor/needy/charity over giving to the church because that’s the best thing to do..

Speaking to his congregant about charity and caring for the needy, Rev. Father Oluoma said he’s not saying giving to the church is not good but there are some situations one finds his/herself in that it will be best to help then give to the church.

According to him, if you’re going to church with your tithe and meet someone who is seriously injured or hungry and that’s the only money you have on you, you should use the tithe to save the person first before refunding it to the church if possible or just thank God if you can’t.

He then added that sometimes, helping someone in need is equal to helping Jesus Christ and that is better than sending your money to the church. He then stressed the fact that he isn’t saying anyone shouldn’t give to the church.

Some pastors make it look as if it’s bad if you don’t pay your tithe or give to the church but Rev. Father Oluoma has made us understand that helping the needy or prioritizing charity is equal to giving to the church and there’s nothing wrong if you can do both.

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