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Popular Prophet Who Claims To Have Went To Hell And Beats Satan Into Coma Has Dropped Another Quote About Revolution (Details below)



Prophet William Ssozi has shocked many after claiming that he went to hell and came back after defeating Satan.

The self-proclaimed prophet made the revelations to his flock over the weekend at Speke Hotel in Kampala.

In his narration, he said that he first encountered Satan’s bodyguard, who was no match for him as he beat him to pulp and immediately made his way to the “big bad boss,” Satan.

“The devil was scared of me because of the power God put in me. I further went on to destroy strongholds of the devil and his temple before leaving Satan severely injured, “he narrated.

According to Ssozi, after defeating Satan, God spoke to him and told him to tell Ugandans that he is going to remove them from the country and take them to another country.

This is not the first time Ssozi has claimed to have visited the spiritual world.

In 2021, he came out and told his followers that he had visited heaven since he was God’s most anointed servant and claimed that he had a number of photos that he took in heaven as proof of his time there, but not even one person has seen his selfies with God for that matter.

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