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Nigerians React As Beautiful Lady Prank Man Selling Yoghurt By Begging Him For N100 But Got Shocking Surprise Of Her Life (Video below)



A Nigerian lady with the TikTok handle @jojooflele made a yoghurt seller smile as she gave him money and provisions. Before the man was blessed, the lady pranked him by asking for the sum of N100 to test how kind he is.

Many Nigerians who reacted to the video said the clip got them very emotional with the way she touched his heart. A young lady known as @jojooflele on TikTok and popular for putting smiles on random strangers’ faces has done it again.

In a video, the lady went to a man selling yoghurt from a cart and begged him for N100. Without knowing that he was being pranked, the man said ‘no’.

Kindness rewarded, The trader instead gave her a piece of yoghurt that is worth the amount she asked for. The lady smiled toward the camera filming her.

As a reward, she gave the man wads of naira notes. With a smiling face, the man hesitated from collecting the money. When he finally did, @jojooflele added some food items for him so that he can use them to break his fast. Note that the video was shot during the Ramadan period.

Watch Video Below:

At the time of writing this report, the video has stirred massive reactions.

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Below are some of them:

olawumianimasahun said:

“Why am I shedding tears?… God bless u sis. And dis is my first comment on any post on Tiktok. u r loved.”

A_ wazob 1 said:

“I am a Muslim, but I love you the way you a sister god bless your life.”

user JENNIFER said:

“This video makes me smile too…I didn’t even know tear was running down my cheeks untill my sis… asked me y I was crying..God bless u dear.”

Khadeejah Tajudeen said:

“kindness do touch the hearts, this gave me goose bumps.”

Garba Yunusa293 said:

“May God Almighty bless u abundantly, May ur pocket never runs dry.”

zazzyzula said:

“God bless you for helping others.”

Officialenny said:

“See the bike man face, thank you sis. I love you.”

Market woman gets big reward
Meanwhile, earlier reported that a young Nigerian lady with the Instagram handle @jojooflele put big smiles on an old woman’s face and people praised her .
In a video shared online, she saw the woman tired and dozing off in front of her wares in the market.

She approached the trader and woke her up. After @jojooflele asked how much is everything in her bucket, she paid for them and told the woman to go home and sleep.

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