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My Father Was The First Man To Touch Me Then I Get Used To It But Later This Happened – Young Lady Narrates (Video below)



Wambui has been through alot in her childhood, she works as a commercial s$x worker in the streets of Mai mahiu after her biological mother introduced her to it. Her mother had raised them as a single mum, due to the hardships they were going through, she asked her mum to show them who their father was.

Her mother introduced a man to them who she claimed to be their father. One holiday their father welcomed them to his home to spend the holiday there. Wambui and her siblings were overjoyed. The dad insisted on preparing dinner for them every day.

They were happy, in their mind they thought it was love but she stated that he used to add a drug for them to fall asleep quickly until morning. Wambui stated that she would wake up in the morning and find herself without clothes. She also experienced some pains on her Pr1vate parts but since she was young and naive she was afraid to ask her father what happens to her.

One day her father was late to come back home, Wambui prepared dinner, served her siblings and went to sleep. In the middle of the night she stated that she heard someone touching her.upon waking up and switching on the lights, she saw his father beside her.Wambui was shocked and asked him what was wrong.

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His reply broke her heart, he said that he has been sleeping with her and she is used to it, he also added that he wanted to help her so that after getting married she will not experience pain with her husband. She told him she can’t so that with him but he overpowered her and slept with her.

He told her not to disclose to anyone what happened to her and threatened to curse her if she did so. Wambui was afraid the following day they run away and went back home.She was stressed and hated herself since she knew her mother was a commercial *** worker she joined her because life was tough.

One day she met a man who promised to pay her a huge amount of money if they doesn’t use protection. After the act the man reversed the money and run away. She got pregnant, she is a mother of a two months old baby but still works in the streets Inorder to find money to buy diapers for her child.

She is requesting people of good will to help her find a job to be able to raise her kid.

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