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Man Who Asked God To Take His Life Can’t Believe What Is Happening To Him At Last (Video below)



Fred, a man who suffered from a mysterious illness that left him emaciated, debilitated, and bedridden to the extent that he prayed to God to take his life, is now recovering, thanks to the philanthropy of well-meaning people.

He was reportedly born normal and lived healthily, but not long after getting married, he started developing some health issues that doctors could not salvage.

Strangely, his wife, who was equally alright, suddenly became deaf, a situation that made communication between her and the ailing husband difficult.

Fred’s condition was so bad that neighbours thought he was HIV/AIDS positive.

Being bedridden meant that he needed constant assistance from his deaf wife as he could not do things for himself.

Fortunately, their little daughter, who wasn’t attending school due to her parents’ conditions, served as the interpreter between them.

Fred, at a point, prayed to God to take his life because he had no hope of recovering, and his condition kept deteriorating.

However, fortunately, the Afrimax TV crew got wind of his condition and highlighted it on their channel. Help started trickling in, and finally, Fred got examined by doctors, and it came to light that he had been suffering from lung and kidney failure.

He was placed on medication and surgery was supposed to be conducted on him, but he did not have sufficient blood for the operation.

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As he awaits the surgery, Afrimax, through the donations, managed to establish a grocery store for the family, and they now earn income, eat good food, and their daughter has started schooling.

Through more donations from across the world via, the media outlet has raised enough money for Fred’s surgery. He burst into tears when the bag containing the cash bundles was handed to him.

He expressed profound gratitude to Afrimax for coming to his aid, when he had lost hope and could only see death starring him in the face everyday.

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