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Man Sends Cold Shivers Down The Spine Of Muslims As He Donates Coffin On Eid Mubarak



The residents in Ejuratia in the Kwabre East district of the Ashanti region in Ghana were thrown into a state of shock following a donation done by a Muslim during the Salah festival…

It is a norm in the Muslim communities for Muslims to show love to the needy and their neighbors during the celebration of their festival. Items like rice, drinks, toiletries, and money are commonly shared with the needy during this season.

Others also cook sumptuous meals for others in the community to join and sometimes, they share with people who do not share the same faith with them.

However, a man decided to differ from his fellow Muslims as he distributes coffins to some of the people in the Muslim community.

It is alleged that those he sort for counseling from before proceeding to buy the coffins for the community agreed with his plans and saw absolutely nothing wrong with his idea.

The Muslim leader in the community, Mohammed Baba Nasir who was one of the people the young man consulted said that death is inevitable among humans, hence donating coffins to the community is not a bad omen.

He also mentioned that the donation was warmly accepted by the leaders and distributed it among the communities in the area.

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