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“Majority Of Us In Northern Nigeria Were Taught Arabic By Clerics Who Do Not Understand The Holy Quran” – Abdul Aziz Umar Reveals (Details below)



The punishment for blasphemy in the Christian Bible during the times of Prophet Isa (Jesus) was death. They wanted to stone the Prophet for calling himself God. Quran has no punishment for blasphemy. Today, it’s the Muslims killing for blasphemy and the Christians keeping peace.

Bishop Kukah’s Church got razed with fire, and the Christians have not started a war, If Christians burn my Mosque in Kano, World War 3 will start from there.

Islam is a religion of peace. Our clerics needs to start teaching what peace means properly.

Islam is a religion of peace, we have to deal peacefully with others. If there is any grievance, the case should be taken to the Sharia Court or the secular Court for appropriate judgement. Northern Nigeria do not have to be in the news for the wrong reasons everytime.

My people have not been out to protest against banditry, we’ve not protested against Boko Haram ravaging our farmlands & kidnapping our families, we’ve not protested against high cost of food and livelihood. We are protesting against people arrested for killing a fellow citizen.

One of our major undoing as Muslims is our inability to understand the Holy Quran. Majority of us in Northern Nigeria were taught Arabic by clerics who do not understand the Holy Quran. The truth be told.

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