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Lady Narrates How Pastor & His Wife Brought Her To Ghana As Maid But It Ended Up Badly For Her (Video below)



Glory, a young lady was brought to Ghana by a pastor and his wife to become a maid in their house. However, she was given more tasks than negotiated for when she finally arrived and started her work. Glory ended up on the street where she had to struggle to fend for herself by doing different menial jobs.

A young lady simply identified as Glory has given details of the typical ‘hustling’ life she has endured all her life and many Ghanaians have seemed inspired by her story. In a recent interview with SV TV Africa , Glory revealed that she used to stay in Imo State in Nigeria when a pastor and his wife decided to hire her to Ghana.

Upon arrival, the young lady realized that she was being shortchanged because the tasks agreed on had been increased while the stipend remained far below expectation.

“They were paying me GHc100 a month to work from dawn to dusk in their house and wanted me to start working in their shop as well. I told them I could not do that any longer,” she said.

With the help of her sister, Glory was able to pay off the transportation fee that the pastor and his wife spent on her and ended up on the street to start hustling for herself.

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“I began working for different companies to enable me to survive. I was lucky I got one that paid me GHc40 a day and that is what I used to start my own business after two weeks. Now I sell fried yam by the street to help me survive,” the hardworking lady said.

Watch the full interview below

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