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Kevin Samuels Died On Top Of A 28-Year-Old White Woman During Date (Details below)



Kevin Samuels Reportedly Died During Date With A 28-Year-Old White Nurse. Relationship expert Kevin Samuels, 56, died yesterday while on what appears to be a romantic date with an Atlanta woman, who is being described as “Caucasian” and a nurse. And according to reports reaching us, Kevin died while “on top” of the much younger woman.

The woman, who is being described as a ‘beautiful’ 28 year old nurse recently met Kevin Samuels, and the two reportedly went on a romantic date. Afterwards, the two went back to Kevin’s home where they are believed to have spent the night together.

The nurse who Kevin Samuels messed with before his unfortunate accident only knew him for a few hours. They just met late last night. She spent the night and when they got up he begin complaining about severe chest pain. She tried to save him and even requested for a defibrillator.

After a few minutes, Kevin reportedly collapsed “on top” of the woman. It’s unclear what the two were doing at the time of Kevin’s collapse. Atlanta Police arrived on the scene and tried to resuscitate Kevin, but to no avail.

Also, Police were unable to locate his family to notify them as his apartment is not in the name that he goes by.

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The Youtube relationship expert passed away on the scene, the report claims. Authorities have not yet been able to locate Kevin’s family to notify, as his apartment where Kevin was living is not in Kevin’s name.

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