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JHS Student Narrate How She Was Dating Her Teacher Who Is Married, Until His Wife Came And Something Terrible Happened (Details below)



Joel was my class teacher in J.H.S. Crushes know no boundaries so I had a huge crush on him. He might have also seen something in me because he later expressed interest in me. I counted myself lucky. How many of us get a proposal from the people they are crushing on?

It didn’t matter to me that he was my teacher. I wanted to be with him and he wanted me too. He told me about his relationship with his ex and how they broke up. He told me, “I still think of her sometimes. I still love her but don’t worry. I’m ready to move on to be with you only. But let me ask you this.

Can you handle me?” I answered confidently, “Yes! Of course, I can handle you.” I didn’t care that our relationship was wrong and inappropriate. I didn’t care that he still had feelings for his ex. He wanted me and I wanted him too. That was all that mattered to me.

The beginning of the relationship was very smooth. I enjoyed his company and I always wanted to be with him. At first, it was just innocent hugs and cheek kisses. Then things evolved into adult things. He said he didn’t want to break me but two weeks into the relationship he did it. He took it all away and left me empty. It didn’t stop there. It was just the beginning. Whenever we met, we did it. A year later, I got… To Continue Reading Please Click Here…….Visit

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