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If Only That One Of The Presidential Candidates Will Be Brave Enough To Propose These 10 Draconian Steps Take To Eradicate The Almajiri Menace Once And For All (Details below)



[1] Impose an indefinite ban on mosque construction across northern Nigeria, insisting that all such funds go towards school construction

[2] Jail the parents of any Almajiris or out-of-school kids for a minimum of five year

[3] Impose a 40% education tax on all mosques across northern Nigeria

[4] Seize the private jets of all northern Nigerians and auction them off. Use the proceeds to build schools

[5] Pass federal legislation reversing Sharia law so teachers are no longer afraid to go and work in northern Nigeria

[6] Build one technical college in every local government across northern Nigeria

[7] Place a 10 moratorium in the turbaning of emirs. This will be reviewed if after a decade, the educational divide between the north and south has narrowed

[8] Set Islamic finance investment targets for all the governors of the 19 northern states. At the very least, every governor must attract a minimum of $1bn in investment annually

[9] Place a 10 year moratorium on going for hajj pilgrimages

[10] Open youth boot camps where everyone is trained vocationally up to City & Guild level

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