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“I Can’t Sleep Because His Ghost Is Hunting Me” – Kumawood Actor Cries For Help After Celebrating His Birthday At Cemetery (Video below)



Popular Kumawood Actor Remes says that, the ghost of a man whom he decided to celebrate a birthday on his tomb has been chasing him. According him, he can’t sleep so he wants to Confess and be free. Again, he is crying for help because all his spiritual fathers have refused to pick up his calls.

In an exclusive interview with the press, Remes Kay confessed that he didn’t choose to celebrate his birthday party in the cemetery for nothing. However, it was a symbolic occasions to remind mankind that, once we celebrate birthdays, we are nearing the cemetery grave.

”It appears that the dead man whom we had a party on his tomb doesn’t understand our motive. I see him in my dreams. Sometime it’s like he physically appears in my room to hold my hands. At times I could hear him mentioning my name continuously. I’ll respond and can’t see him” The Kumawood Actor Remes Kay sadly explained.

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