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“I Call On All Women To Come Out ‘N*ked’ And Join The Demonstration In June Against Akufo” – Mensah Thompson Speaks (Details below)



A news conference was held today by Arise Ghana, a pressure group, to tackle the deplorable living circumstances under the Akufo- Addo regime. Members of a number of political parties, including the GCPP, CPP, PNC, NDC, Drivers Union, COPEC, University students, CSOs, and others, addressed the press at the news conference on a series of matters plaguing the nation.

Arise Ghana is demanding a thorough investigation of the selling of portions of the Achimota Forest, among other things. They also demanded that the Agyapa Deal be scrapped, the fuel process be slashed, and the infamous E- electronic tax be repealed. ASEPA, which is led by Mensah Thompson, had the opportunity to speak as well.

Mensah Thompson thinks it’ s remarkable that the press and Ghanaians have stood back and let President Akufo- Addo and his friends collect public assets.

He urged Ghanaians to participate in the large march on June 21st to force the government to alleviate the country’ s woes. He also called on women to come and protest naked against the administration to show how important they are in seeking changes in administration, in a somewhat amusing but serious posture.

It will be fascinating to see where this petition will end up. It may not be conceivable, in my opinion, but only time will tell if Mensah Thompson would invite his family and other women in his circle to join him in the rally.

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Following remarks he brought about duringhis Ghana at a Crossroads presentation, John Dramani Mahama has received a barrage vitriolic abuse. One of the more intriguing statements made by the former president was his intention to eliminate the E-Levy if elected in 2025.

The administration, according to John Dramani Mahama, us ineffective, having bankrupted the economy and now attempting to bleed Ghanaians through the electronic tax.


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