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How Nigerian Pastor, Fufeyin Ordered Police To Arrest Those Demanding Whereabouts Of Child Who Went Missing In His Church (Details below)



A Nigerian activist in Torino, Italy, Gladys Amadin Costantino has called out the founder and Senior Prophet of the Christ MercyLand Deliverance Ministries, Jeremiah Fufeyin of using the police to arrest and detain activists demanding the whereabouts of Testimony Ayo, the 2-year-old child who went missing in his church.

Costantino told that the Prophet on Friday ordered the arrest of one Apostle Kassy Chukwu who was taken from Delta State to Abuja.

According to her, the cleric made a video on March 25, 2022, assuring of the return of the baby by March 30. However, as of the time of filing this report, the missing child had yet to be reunited with his mother, Costantino said.
She queried why Prophet Jeremiah had been calling for people’s arrest over defamation while the issue of the missing person was left unattended.

She said: “It is about this Prophet Jeremiah that baby Testimony got missing in his church.

“This man has been arresting people that came out to talk about the baby, I’m one of the activists talking about it. They even threatened to go and arrest my mother.

“They arrested a pastor on Friday, that was with us on this struggle for Baby Testimony. They arrested Pastor Kassy from Asaba and took him to Abuja saying he made a defamation video against Jeremiah.

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“Whereas Jeremiah agreed some time ago saying he was ready to bring out the baby. He said God told him that the baby would be out in four days, and after four days, he said it was a lie, giving another excuse.

“We are talking about a baby here. This pastor spends money every week to do damage control, he wrote some media outlets to say they were defaming him.

“It’s not about defaming a man of God, we are talking about a baby that got missing in his church in 2019 and we are in 2022.

“Any man or woman that has a child, nephew, niece, should come out and join us in this struggle.

“Jeremiah said he would bring out the child on March 30, we are in May already.

“Jeremiah sent the police to arrest the mother of the child, but God orchestrated it that an activist was in the same plane with the cripple.

“They might have killed this cripple by now but thanks to this video from Bisola.

“These people are not talking about the whereabouts of the baby, Jeremiah called for the arrest of Pastor Kassy for defaming him but never mentioned the whereabouts of the baby.

“In the court of law, all over the world, they will look for what causes the defamation of character, then it can be linked to the missing child.

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“An injustice for one is an injustice for all. Why was Kassy Chukwu arrested?

“He made a video on 25th March 2022, he said before 30th March 2022, the baby would be released, we are in May yet the baby is nowhere to be found.

“Prophet Jeremiah is trying to silence everyone who comes out to ask about the missing child who went with the mother to Mercy City for a crusade.”

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