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How My Best Friend’s Mom Seduce Me Into Sleeping With Her And Now Am Scared (Details below)



A young man has narrated a steamy sexual encounter he had with the best friend’s mom and is now afraid something bad might happen.

I am hooked on having sex with my best mate’s mum but I live in fear that I will let slip to him when we are out drinking. We are 19 and became mates when his family moved to our town three years ago.

His mum is 39 but looks half her age.

She is fit and stunningly beautiful — she beats any girls our age that I know. I have always spent loads of time at his place as his mum is cool about alcohol and him having parties.

It all began when I went round to pick up my phone, which I’d left there the night before. My mate was at work and his mum invited me in a coffee.

She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, looking very sexy. I said how hot she looked, and she put her arm around my neck and went to kiss my cheek.

The next moment, we were passionately kissing. She said she’d fancied me for ages.

We had sex right there and then. It was out of this world. I felt so guilty afterwards and just left, but she texted me saying I was amazing. She now calls me whenever she’s alone in the house. I find it impossible to say no to her, especially as she’s willing to let me do almost anything.

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I no longer even use a condom because it feels better without, but I am sometimes really scared she will get pregnant.

My mate asked me the other day what was up because he said I was acting a bit weird lately. Apparently, when I had been drinking the night before, I got all emotional and kept saying I was so sorry.

Is my guilt going to make me blurt out what I am up to? I feel trapped in a situation of my own making but I don’t know whether to continue in spite of my guilt. I desperately want to keep having sex with her.

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