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“He Deserved It” – Mixed Reactions As Thugs Beat Up Crossdresser To Coma In Lagos (Photos below)



A Cross Dresser In Lagos has received the beatings of his life after he wore a revealing outfit to a bus park, Oyogist reports.

According to sources, the unidentified man was personally man handled by some area boys who inflicted severe injuries on him before letting him go.

Several Nigerians while reacting suggested that the man deserved to be beaten for openly identifying himself as a cross dresser.

The attack is coming, days after a group of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) advocates stormed the streets of Abuja to demand that the ‘Cross Dressers Bill’ which was recently proposed at the National Assembly, Abuja, in April 2022, be revoked.

Some Nigerians have reacted to this video:

@schick_ng: “This is wrong on every level”

@tochi_nicole: “This is just inhumane”

@oluwadamiiilolaa: “E remain Bob risky”

@iam_ameenaa: “This is not right! Why beat him up like this? What exactly would this do???”

@temy_tayor: “Go back home and dress as your gender and work!”

“What message are we passing to the young generations.”

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