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“God Would Have Saved Her But She Made Mockery Of Me When I Warned Her” – Apostle Friday Ikhide Reveals (Details below)



The news Of the two lovebirds, Oromidayo Daniel and his partner, Adeleke Aramide, students of Ibadan polytechnic who took sexual performance-enhancing drugs before the act trended so much on social media.

God wanted to avert the impending danger through a former student of the institution and an executive of the Christian Administrators Fellowship CAF, who ministered on Campus the very day the incident happened, Apostle Friday Ikhide. He studied public administration and graduated from the institution in the year 2012, he is the founder of Prayer Of Jabez With Testimony, Lagos.

Speaking with Orient Daily, the cleric lamented that God wanted to foil and thwart the plan of the devil but the lady allowed stubbornness to ruin her life; he said ” I was not supposed to be in Ibadan that day because Pastor Luke Adebayo was supposed to minister, not me; I got an emergency call to come to handle the ministration because he wasn’t going to be available, that was actually what prompted my going to Ibadan”.

He said that he met the lady in the school canteen that very day, “I had malaria, I was on medication so I needed to eat before taking my drugs that morning because my ministration was to commence by noon”.

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He enunciated that he was already eating when God spoke to him concerning the lady, he stated that he didn’t want to go because he was already consuming his food,”I didn’t want to go because I was already eating but the spirit of God insisted, so I left my food and walked straight to where they were seated, three ladies and a guy, I beckoned on the lady to kindly excuse me because I had something very important to tell her.

She ignored me and continued discussing with her friends, I insisted because God told me to deliver the message, she became peeved and told me that if I want someone to pay for my food, that I should be straightforward about it and stop using God to deceive people, hearing this, I was compelled to give her the message right there, I told her not to go to anywhere immediately she finishes from here, I told her to go home straight and don’t come out because there’s danger, she got provoked, stood up and beckoned on the only guy that was with them and both of them walked away”.

The cleric made frantic efforts to save her from the impending danger by talking to her friends, “the friends saw how hostile she was to me, they all appealed to me not to be angry with her attitude, I told them that if they love her, they should ensure that she does what I told her or else they will cry for her sake”.

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Finally, it is very important to note that God uses people to convey important messages to us, spiritual and prophetic leadings are very important, this lady would have been saved from hands of death, but it was intensely excruciating that she refused to listen to the voice of God.

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