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Female Artiste Narrates How She Turns Into Fish At Night With Her Spiritual Family (Video below)



Nyevile, a Ghanaian female musician and a fashion designer, has revealed shocking revelations about her birth, reports.

The female musician during an interview with broadcaster, Arnold Mensah Elavanyo revealed that she was born and dedicated to the sea by her mother and a prophetess.

Nyevile said “my mum was having issues with childbirth and before she gave birth to me, she was warned to dedicate me to the sea else she would loose me.

“So when she gave birth me to, they took me to the sea for dedication, left me for four days in the sea, after four days they came back, prayed for the sea to bring me back, still as a baby”

She also disclosed that she stays alone especially at night because she has to sleep without light.

“I don’t really have dos and don’t, but the only thing that is not allowed and its dangerous is when i am asleep, you must not switch on the light.

“if I don’t know you and I am asleep and you on the light, I might arm you (not physically) but you will be in danger”

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