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Family Demands Justice As 17yrs Old Undergraduate Dies Of Drug Overdose (Details below)



Family members are demanding for justice after a 17-year-old student of Enugu State University of Technology, Omenogor Ifeoma, allegedly died of drug overdose at a hospital in Benue State.

It was gathered that Ifeoma, who was suffering from sickle cell anemia, died on Wednesday morning, May 18.

According to sister of the deceased, “We got to know about her genotype just last year. So on the May, 15, 2022 she had a major cr#ses and was taken to Light of grace hospital in Zaki-biam. Since she’s a sickler she has this particular injection they administer to her.

On May 17, 2022 she was given that particular injection by 4am and same person came to give her the same injection by 8am. The injection is supposed to be administered to her every six hours.

After the injection she slept and her breathing wasn’t normal again. So she was placed on oxygen. When she was on oxygen they used generator but when they brought the light, they put off the generator and they took the light again. The had to turn on the generator again.

She died 4am on Wednesday and since then nothing has been done. Not even an arrest has been made. My sister died in pains. We want justice.”

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