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Baby Develops Chronic Kidney Disease After Her Mom Decided To Bleach Her Skin (Details)



Well-known Nigerian blogger Instablog has shared a disturbing post from a Twitter user with the handle “Tejumola” who claims a baby is currently suffering from chronic kidney disease after her mother bleached her skin.
According to the post shared, the lady who shared the post said that the innocent child is on the brink of death due to the recklessness of the child’s mother..

The lady who shared the story has called for the arrest of the mother who has put the life of her innocent child at risk. She mentioned that the mother of the child gave a flimsy excuse that she was applying cream on the child’s body to bring out the baby’s colour because her colour was dim.

Nigeria’s healthcare is bad enough. We are not ready for the varieties of skin cancers and the surge of CKD we are likely to see in the next few years. @aproko_doctor talks about the effects of bleaching all the time.

“Kidney failure, Skin Cancer, Skin infections, Poor wound healing, Discolorization of skin, Stretch marks etc

Suturing a bleaching skin is a sight to behold, you just can’t hold it, it would keep breaking down. Also, you do not want your kidneys to fail my G. everything else goes downhill from there.

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