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20-Year-Old Female Student Who Was Murdered After Being Rape And Private Part Went Missing (Details below)



Parents have contributed all they have to make sure their children attain quality Education. News coming from the Central Region is very terrible. The news indicate the painful murder of a female student whose identity is not yet known.

From the update provided by Reporters, the murdered lady is about 20 years old and some unknown men attack her and killed her around 9pm yesterday 13th May 2022. The wicked murderers further deposited her dead body beside OLA Catholic Church in the Central Region.

Speaking with Nekesen Lawrencia a student of OLA Girls College, made it clear that the murdered lady is not a student of OLA Girls College Of Education rather a student from Cape Coast Polytechnic.

The report further indicated that, the unknown murderers removed the private part of the young girl. People who rushed to the scene confirmed that, the lady was naked and her three phones and a car key beside her dead body.

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