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17-Year-Old Girl Had To Drinks Herbicide Rather Than Being Raped By Man But Still Got Raped While Dying (Details below)



A 17-year-old lured to a man’s room refused to have sex with the man, and she had to choose between gulping gramoxone or the man.

Bako Anjeh had been looking for ways to sleep with the lady in Akwanga, Nasarawa Eggon LGA, Nasarawa.

He nearly succeeded when the lady got trapped in his room.

His passes were however pushed back, and his 36-year-old bones could not overpower the lady.

According to the police, Anjeh then forced the lady to drink the herbicide. She did.

But she wouldn’t just drop dead, thus allowing Anjeh to rape her as life ebbed out of her.

When policemen arrived the scene after receiving a distress call, they took the dying lady to Ola Hospital.

While the hospital staff were battling to save her life, she managed to lisped out how it all happened.

Then she died.

ASP Ramhan Nansel said her statements were taken before she died.

Anjeh is now in police net.

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