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What Happened After Native Doctor Said He’ll Give His Life To Jesus If I Enter His Shrine & Come Out Alive -Dr Daniel Olukoya Reveals (Details below)



Dr. Daniel Olukoya a popular Nigerian Pastor and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracle Ministry (MFM), in a video recently shared on YouTube, told his congregation a story of a native doctor he encountered in a village where he and his friends went for evangelism many years ago.

According to what the cleric said: “Many years ago when I was a young Christian, I and three of my friends decided to do evangelism in a village. As we wanted to enter the village, we met an old man who asked us about our purpose for coming to the village.

“We told the man that we are evangelists and have come to preach the gospel in the village. The man laughed and told us that he was the chief priest of the village and that he won’t let us enter the village with our God.

The cleric said the native doctor said as chief priest of the village, he would ensure that the village continued to worship the god of their forefathers. He said the man got furious and tried to chase them away after he told the man that the gods of the village were powerless, however, they stood their ground and refused to leave even when the man threatened them with death.

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Determined to prove that his gods were not powerless, the native doctor challenged Dr. Olukoya and his friends. “The baba said to us: since you are very stubborn and want to die, if you can enter that shrine there and come out alive I will accept this Jesus you are talking about.

“He bragged that only he as the chief priest of that village can enter the shrine and come out alive and anyone other than him that enters the shrine will die. There were three shrines and we didn’t know the exact shrine he was talking about so we entered the first shrine and came out, we entered the second shrine and came out, we also entered the third shrine and came out nothing happened” Dr. Olukoya said.

Narrating the man’s reaction after he saw what happened, Dr. Olukoya said the man was so shocked that the cutlass he was holding dropped from his hands and he asked us if we were spirits or humans.

The cleric said they told the man that they were humans and not spirits but his shrine couldn’t harm them because they have Jesus in them. He continued that the native doctor later invited all three of them to pray for his sick wife, and that was how they were able to enter the village and fulfill their mission.

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Dr. Olukoya ended his story by saying “I decree that wherever you are, may you receive the power to live a fearless life. I sack anything of terror or fear against your life in the name of Jesus”.

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