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University Student Leaks Chat Between Herself And A Lecturer Who Wanted To Take Advantage Of Her (Photos below)



A Nigerian university undergraduate student has taken it to the social media to expose a lecturer who wanted to take advantage of her because of grades. According to the lady, most lecturers have been asking her for a date and she thinks this is a right way to tell the public on what most lecturers message her privately.

According to her post sighted on the social media with the chats she released, saw the lecturer forcing her to come to his house. She acted rude to the lecturer as sighted in the chats but it is believed that was a way to do away with the sexual harassment.

Her post on the social media reads as,

“For decades, sexual harassment has been a problem in African Universities. Lecturers are normally prohibited from having sex with students because doing so could jeopardize their education or careers”.

A female understudy described how a speaker notwithstanding laying down with her, keeps on following, shakedown, and tail her disregarding their arrangement. The understudy then unveiled his private discussion to humiliate the speaker, Pak Abdul, who needed one more ‘sexual’ contact with the unfortunate understudy.

That, yet in the released correspondence, the woman reviled him, saying she could never excuse him and asked that his youngsters who are young ladies would go through what she had gone through. The said incident happened in a popular university in Nigeria.

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Kindly check out the full chats between the lecturer and the student below;

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