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“They Took My Daughter For Pregnancy Test Without My Knowledge” – Mother of 10-Year-Old Female Chrisland Student Reveals (Details below)



The mother of the 10-year-old Chrisland student who was reportedly raped by her fellow students during a school competition in Dubai has finally spoken out on the issue and it is really messy.

In the video the mother shared, she narrated her and her daughter’s side of the story.
She said ;

“My child attends Chrisland school VGC.
Please I am making out this video to beg Nigerians to get me justice. About a month ago, I was on my way out of Lagos so I got a call from the head-teacher in Chrisland, she said she wanted to see me and so two days later I went to the school. I got to the school and I met the their representatives.

They said they wanted me to know that my daughter whom I left in their care on a trip to Dubai, that she had a kiss with a boy and the boy also kissed her. They found out that they got the kissing idea through “Truth and Dare” and they advised that I should caution my daughter and take her phone from her.

I said okay, if it is just that, I was going to collect the phone from her. Mrs Kemi also advised me not to tell my husband that it is not everything a woman should tell her husband. I thought the issue wasn’t more than that so it ended then.

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The mother cried out that the school concealed the truth of the matter for a month and when they finally broke the truth, they did so in a letter where they also suspended her daughter for performing “Immoral Act” in Dubai.

The woman said her daughter was threatened by Chrisland teachers not to speak out on what happened and they also took her daughter to take pregnancy tests without her knowledge or consent.

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