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The Lady Who Shared Her Private Part On Twitter Shared Another New Video (Details below)



It is day three today, #KUKU trending number one of twitter. Many people have been talking about this, wondering why all of sudden Kuku is trending. Kuku is a slang word meaning private part of a women.

This hashtage started moving when Sisa Flatela took it to social media and shared her private part for people to know it. She was unprovoked but just decided to share it out from nowhere.

On Saturday the hashtag was starting to cool of but Sisa Flatela decided to fuel it again by sharing a video now. Many people would be wondering what kind of a video now. This is the reason why many even rushed to open the video.

Unfortunately she shared a video of her self standing still and singing. As for me, the reason why she started with sending her private part on Twitter was to get people’s attention with the hope that it will make her career break through.

Many were feeling disappointed, out of 10 800 people who watched the video, only 10 comment and show their disappointment because they were expecting something else.

Watch her recent video on the following link

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