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SO SAD: Wife Kills Herself Because Muslim Husband Wanted Second Wife Leaving Her Months Old Baby Behind (Details below)



Because her husband was preparing to take a second wife, a mother of two, Yetunde Folorunsho, drank poison, and died.

Neighbours and her husband’s family say that was what happened, but a friend of Yetunde’s insist the mother-in-law poisoned her because she was a Christian.

Folorunso is a Musliim whose religion allows to marry many wives.

But speaking on the issue, her husband’s brother, Alhaji Lagbe Araoje, said Yetunde had a little quarrel with her husband outside the house; it was settled, with a gift of a new phone.

“Some minutes later, the husband rushed out of the house crying for help that his wife was vomiting. On our way to the hospital, she was begging the husband for forgiveness that she had taken DDT powder popularly known as Sniper. She died in the hospital around 12pm.”

But Adio Tajudeen, the husband of the shop owner where she bought the powder confirmed she bought the powder from his wife.

“It was when the news of her death broke that we knew she was living in the neighborhood. People buy the powder for many reasons; we don’t suspect it would be used for evil purposes,” he said.

The police spokesman in the state, Ajayi Okasanmi, said Yetunde’s family had reported the matter as a murder.

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“But we are still investigating because there are insinuations of homicide. We have invited all the parties and deposited her corpse for autopsy.”

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