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Ramadan Rule Was Why Pogba Was So Angry With Maguire For Kicking Him to Bleeding (Details below)



Paul Pogba was kicked in the head by Harry Maguire during Man United’s 3-2 win over Norwich City on Saturday, which made the midfielder bleed.

The Frenchman was extremely upset at this and vented out at his teammates, throwing his hands in the air in disgust.

The reason behind Pogba’s angry reaction was that Maguire made him bleed during his fasting period in the holy month of Ramadan.

According to the ruiles, If a practicing Muslim bleeds during their fasting period, the fast is considered to be broken.

But a rule states that if blood comes out through no deliberate action, like an accident or nosebleed or an injury to the body, the fasting period is still found to be valid even if the blood amount is large.

As a result, Pogba’s fasting period was actually not broken after he started bleeding following the ordeal.

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