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Putin Devastation As Biggest Russian Chemical Plant Engulfed In Flames On Same Day 7 Dead (Details below)



Smoke was seen rising from the Dmitrievsky Chemical Plant, near the border with Ukraine, on Thursday afternoon. The Kineshma facility, which is east of the capital, produces the bulk of Russia’s industrial solvent supply.

Reports suggest over 150 people were evacuated.

The site is around 950km from the Ukrainian border.

Igor Sushko, a Putin critic and Russian racecar driver, tweeted: “This is the largest Russian manufacturer of chemical solvents.

“Located 250 miles EAST of Moscow.

“We are beginning to see a pattern develop.”

This blaze follows an earlier fire that killed seven people in a Russian Ministry of Defence building in Tver.

The facility, to the west of Moscow, saw 25 injured as the roof collapsed.

A number of military scientists leapt from windows in the space and weapons institute.

Emergency services on the scene west of Moscow said the efforts of firefighters were “complicated” by “very strong smoke” and “high temperatures”.

The victims who were rushed to hospital suffered injuries of “varying severity”, the Tver hospital told TASS.

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