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Paul Okoye (Rudeboy) Warns After Finding Out That His Gateman Has Been Selling His Diesel For N350 At Midnight



Singer Rudeboy (Paul Okoye) has warned others to be careful after finding out that his gateman has been distributing his diesel to others at midnight for 350 per liter without his consent..

Fuel has become so scarce in Nigeria that the prices they give you if you get some are mind-blowing and here is the case that the little Rudeboy has been able to buy, his gateman is using it for business by selling it for N350 per liter.

Rudeboy posted saying he has been paying diesel subsidy for a long time without knowing as his gateman has been distributing his diesel at midnight for N350 per liter and he just caught him red-handed and that actually weak him.

He then advised that others should shine their eyes well because it appears this is the new business these gatemen have been doing in the estates right now and he’s fortunate to have caught his gateman red-handed.

Some of these things are the reason some people aren’t so friendly with their domestic workers as they turn to take their leniency into weakness and do things that are unimaginable but we hope this never happens again.

screenshot below;

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