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Painful Life Of A Young Lady A Year Before She Was Shot 9 Times After Being Dump By Boyfriend (Details below)



Gender-Based Violence is a scourge that keeps on taking innocent lives away from their loved ones. Unfortunately the justice system of our country is not doing much to curb this pandemic that has left many children motherless. Not a month goes by without new sad story of a woman brutally by a man who claimed to love her.

The family of a young Eastern Cape woman says it will jot rest until Justice is served after their loved one was brutally murdered allegedly by hitmen ordered by her lover. According to her family, Hlehle had been in an abusive relationship over the years. Last year around this time of the year, Hlehle was allegedly assaulted by her “untouchable” lover. Unfortunately this time around she had to pay with her life.

“The most sad part is seeing your little sister going. It wasn’t hijacking because they didn’t steal nor take not even a single thing from her car. More than 9 bullets pumped toa unarmed woman and I still ask myself questions too because you were just a sweetest person ever. Mtata is anarchy and it’s been. Justice must prevail. Fight for yourself even in death my sister”, Hlehle’s brother wrote on Facebook. That was organized hit definitely.If she was shot nine times then it’s someone who definitely wanted her dead. It’s close to home. We pray for the family and friends.

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The man who is alleged to have organized the hit is a Mthatha untouchable businessman. In 2018, the man, who cannot be named as these are still allegations, wad charged with premeditated murder and attempted murder. The 41-year-old was arrested for allegedly shooting two of his employees on August 11 in 2018, fatally wounding Mxolisi Mthunjwa and seriously injuring Thembela Somana.

Early this year, South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa signed three gender-based violence (GBV) bills into legislation, meaning the country has just stepped up its protection for women and children, and survivors have a better chance of receiving justice. Unfortunately, the bills were just that. No action taken so far! Calls for harsher sentences for perpetrators continue to be ignored. We are onnour own as women!

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