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Nkechi Blessing opens cans of worms on ex-husband, spills his fake lifestyle



Controversial actress Nkechi Blessing has dragged her ex-boyfriend and politician Opeyemi Falegan amidst their messy breakup.

Social media users were surprised on Wednesday night, 6th April 2022 when Opeyemi Falagan went on Instagram live to announce his breakup with Nkechi Blessing while calling him unprintable names..

However, Nkechi Blessing has exposed some secrets of Opeyemi Falegan, his fake lifestyle and how he almost turned her into a beggar.

In the series of posts shared on her Instagram story, Nkechi Blessing opines that many people are stuck in bad relationships because of the fear of what people will say, but she can love someone and still let them go.

Nkechi Blessing also said Opeyemi Falegan was living off older women in London, and she does not know his job, but all he does is wake up and engage on Instagram live video.

She added Opeyemi always flies economy flights and poses in business class to take photos when the flight is empty.

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